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Essay for 10/17/18

Halloween Shed

My neighbor just purchased a Halloween shed. It’s not anything special, simply one of those prefabricated kits which can be purchased at the local home improvement mega-store, the kind that can be assembled in an hour by those with a carpentry aptitude, or...
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Matt Brauer is a writer of humorist essays, short stories, sketch comedies, and generally funny stuff. His content focus is on daily living, culture, social and philosophical sciences, current events, writing, and cheese. His works have appeared in The Funny Times and The AAWG eZine and he has performed at Notes & Poets events. Trained in writing and improv at The Second City Training Center in Chicago, he also earned a BSEE elsewhere, and uses his non-writing time being an engineer and musician. He resides in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago. For a more detailed biography, visit the bio page.